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Tell Your Stories!

We read an article by Bruce Feiler in the New York Times, “The Stories that Bind Us.”  We quote here from that article: “Decades of research have shown that most happy families communicate effectively. But  talking doesn’t mean simply “talking through problems,” as important as that is. Talking also means telling a positive story about […]

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Seek First to Understand

At one transition time in my career, I took a few months to rest, to read, and to reflect. I decided to write down a few caveats drawn from my life and work experiences. Here is what I carry with me in my wallet to look at now and then. Pay attention to small things. […]

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Helping Families with Limited Resources

When parents have tried everything (persuasion, loss of privileges, medication, therapy, counseling, and more) with their downward spiraling teenager, they call an educational consultant to learn about therapeutic program options. For many families, the greatest concern is the financial investment that may be required. It is a fact that wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, and […]

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