Helping Families with Limited Resources

When parents have tried everything (persuasion, loss of privileges, medication, therapy, counseling, and more) with their downward spiraling teenager, they call an educational consultant to learn about therapeutic program options.

For many families, the greatest concern is the financial investment that may be required. It is a fact that wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, and residential treatment centers are expensive.

Our response is to gather information and to put parents in touch with a select number of appropriate schools or programs and then to advocate strongly for the best possible terms.

The important thing for inquiring parents to know is this: high quality help is available and financial assistance is always a possibility. We search, explore, and advocate for our parents. We are good it. We’ve been doing this work a long time. Sometimes we can uncover sources of support from foundations and non-profit agencies whose mission is to help families with limited resources. We work very hard to do exactly that.

What seems too expensive today is likely to be more expensive—emotionally and financially—next month or next year. When trying to decide whether to take action, parents need to ask: “If not now, when?”